SATO BREWPUB -Downtown Buffalo


110 Pearl St.

Buffalo, NY 14202

Tel: (716) 248-1436

Dine-In, Takeout, and Delivery

Wednesday & Thursday  4pm-10pm

Friday & Saturday             4pm-11pm

(Last Order 30min before closing)

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We are a small brewpub & Japanese izakaya in the heart of downtown Buffalo, NY.  We specialize in yakitori skewered items, ramen, and other small plate dishes that go great with the beer we brew. 

"Perhaps the most excitingly original beers in Buffalo come from Satomi and Joshua Smith’s third Japanese restaurant, a casual yet chic izakaya-style spot with a brewery. It’s tucked in the brick-lined basement of the stunning Dun Building downtown..."  -Hop Culture Magazine


Sato Brewing     里醸造

SATO decided to start brewing our own delicious beers after a strong collaboration with Buffalo's first micro-brewery, Community Beer Works. After working with Ethan Cox to develop our exclusive 'Yuz' Not That IPA', a yuzu citron IPA, we wanted to continue exploring with Japanese and local ingredients to create our own delicious beers that paired especially well with our food. We decided to open our own brewery. We also felt that the importation price of Japanese craft beer is not quite worth it, there are definitely great beers coming out of Japan but the prices tend to be overly inflated.

Most Izakaya in Japan, unfortunately, only rely on one brand of macro-beer to compliment their dishes. Usually it's an extra-dry that provides a dry crisp palate cleansing finish, but does little to enhance the food. On the opposite end, many craft beer brewpubs in Japan are serving creative Japanese beers with German pub-style food. Sato Brewpub is unique in that we are using Japanese ingredients like yuzu, togarashi, and soba buckwheat from our kitchen in combination with local ingredients like hops grown in Niagara county to compliment our Japanese Izakaya dishes. Meet the brewers here

The Culture of

Izakaya    居酒屋

Izakaya are casual Japanese gastropubs meant to be a place of socializing over small-plates and beer and sake. The word "Izakaya" means "to stay" in a "sake shop," alluding to what we would consider a tap room or winebar where people gather and socialize.


There are many different kinds of Izakaya in Japan nowadays, ranging from standing only with limited beer and snacks (tachi-nomi) to michelin-starred farm-to-table elegant places. SATO is introducing Buffalo to our own concept of Izakaya where our menu features traditional yakitori chicken grilling and other small plates of quality ingredients with Japanese style beers that we brew ourselves. We also feature a variety of sake from Ippongi, a famous award-winning sake brewery from Chef Satomi's hometown in Japan.

At Izakaya, usually the small-plate ordering is done little-by-little throughout the meal, as opposed to all at once at the beginning. Your mood and desires change as the meal goes on, so often you order a little at a time, sometimes for the whole table to share because many items are on skewers and easily sharable, and then the server tallies the bill at the end.


Sushi has become quite common nowadays, but we wanted to bring another extremely popular Japanese eating style which is more fun and energetic to Buffalo.

At Sato Brewpub we focus on the beauty of chicken bone broth, known as Tori Paitan, or Kyoto-Style Ramen. A variety of flavors from a thick, rich and creamy pure chicken broth with chicken koji-chashu to clear and complexly layered chicken broths. 

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