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Sato Brewpub Menu

Lunch  11:30am - 2pm, Mon - Fri
Dinner 2pm - 10pm Mon - Thur
              2pm - Midnight Fri & Sat

(v)=Vegetarian (v+)=Vegan (gf)=Gluten-Free (*)=Option Available

bento box  (lunch only)

This traditional Japanese lunch is served with miso soup, rice, potato salad, fresh fruit, choice of vegetable and entree.

Choose One Vegetable Dish:

Yamitsuki Cucumber, Asian Slaw, Spring Rolls, Green Salad, Kimchi, Seaweed Salad.

Choose entree:


Chicken Katsu

(Panko breaded chicken breast, Japanese BBQ sauce)

Kara-age (Japanese fried chicken thigh)

Salmon Teriyaki 

Spring Rolls

Yakitori     (grilled skewers)   

(Thigh, Breast, Pork belly)

 salad (lunch only)

 Green Salad (v)(v+*)(gf*)  $6.5

Mixed greens, cucumber, corn, tomato topped with gyoza crisps

Dressing Choice:

Sesame Dressing (v+)(gf), Yuzu Dressing, Spicy Ranch (v)

Salad Addition:

- Avocado 

- Ramen Egg 

- Chashu Chicken 

- Salmon (Teriyaki or Salt) 

- Fillet Steak 

 Seafood Salad  

Assorted sashimi, edamame, corn, cucumber, tomato, mixed greens in house-made yuzu dressing

small plates   (some dishes are dinner only)

Yamitsuki “Addictive” Cucumber (v+)

Quick-pickled with spicy togarashi, sesame-soy dressing

Potato Salad (v)(gf) 

Japanese style with cucumber, corn, carrots

Seaweed Salad (v+) 

Sesame-soy dressing

Kimchi (gf) 

House-made nappa cabbage kimchi

Asian Slaw (v+) 

Crispy nappa cabbage, carrot, red bell pepper with soy-orange dressing

Yellowtail Sashimi 3pc (gf) 

Salmon Sashimi 3pc (gf) 

Tuna Sashimi 3pc (gf) 

Okonomiyaki Fries (v+*) 

Hand-cut, okonomiyaki sauce, Kewpie mayonnaise, bonito flakes, pickled ginger, nori, and green onions

Simple Fries (gf)(v*) 

Hand-cut french fries with kewpie aioli

Harumaki Spring Rolls (v)(v+*) 

Ume Chicken Gyoza 

Pan-fries dumplings, ground chicken, ume (salted plum)

Kara-age Chicken 

Ginger-soy marinated fried chicken, Kewpie aioli

Chicken Katsu

Panko breaded chicken breast, Japanese BBQ sauce


Seasoned batter balls with octopus (tako) in the center.

Okonomiyaki sauce, kewpie, mayonnaise, nori, bonito flakes, pickled ginger, and green onions

Spicy Tuna Sushi (gf) 

Spicy tuna (raw) over deep fried oshi-zushi rice

Chicken Wings 

Teriyaki, Peach Bourbon, or Miso Buffalo

Steamed Bun 

Stout braised BBQ pork, cucumber, kimchi

Teriyaki Spare Ribs 

Sauteed with house-made teriyaki sauce

Shiitake Sautee (v*)(gf*) 

Sauteed in butter and soy, simple yet satisfying

Garlic Sauteed Edamame (v+) 

Spicy soy-garlic sauce

Edamame (gf)(v+) Salt   

rice bowl (lunch only)

Served with miso soup

Japanese Curry Bowl (v+)

Potato, onion, carrots

Tan-tan Bowl

Ground pork seasoned with spicy miso, egg, and green onions

Gyu-don Bowl

Thin-sliced beef in sweet-soy flavor, onion, green onions, and pickled ginger

Salmon Poke Bowl (gf)

Citrus cured sashimi, red onion, cucumber, edamame, ikura, sushi rice

Steak Bowl 

Cubed fillet steak, kimchi, green onions, edamame, corn


Miso Soup (gf) 

Dashi, white miso, tofu, wakame seaweed


House-made noodles and bone broth soup made fresh daily. Make it spicy with a an additional dollop of our spice bomb 

Tori Sato Ramen 鶏里ラーメン

Our classic ramen with chicken broth, shoyu based. Chashu chicken, bean sprouts, menma bamboo shoots, egg, pickled ginger, green onions

Tori Paitan Ramen 鶏白湯ラーメン

Thick and cloudy chicken broth, shio based. Chashu chicken, corn, egg, baby bok choy, garlic oil

Tori Miso Ramen 鶏味噌ラーメン

Rich miso based chicken broth. Ground pork, bean sprouts, green onions, egg, sauteed shiitake, garlic oil

Green Curry Ramen グリーンカレーラーメン

Mildly spicy chicken broth. Chashu chicken, cilantro, bean sprouts, coconut milk, lime, fried onions, red bell pepper, lemongrass oil

Yasai Ramen (v+) 野菜ラーメン

Savory shio based vegetable broth. Sauteed shiitake, bean sprouts, corn, red bell pepper, baby bok choy, fried onion, lemongrass oil

Ramen Addition

Spice Bomb 

Ramen Egg 

Chashu Chicken 

Ground Pork 

Yakitori & Skewers

Seasoned with house sauce unless noted

(sea salt or plain is also available)

Wakadori (thigh) 

Mune (breast) 

Torikawa (crispy skin) 

Kokoro (hearts) 

Pork Belly 

Tsukune (chicken meatball) 

Bacon Wrapped Scallop (plain)  

Bacon Wrapped Cheese (plain)  

Shishito Pepper (yuzu-kosho salt)  

Avocado (kewpie aioli)  

Yellow Squash (okonomiyaki sauce and QP Mayo)  

Chicken Trio      (1 skewer of each)

Wakadori (thigh), Kokoro (hearts), Torikawa (Skin)

Bento Trio       (1 skewer of each)

Pork belly, Wakadori (thigh), Mune (breast)

Yasai Trio (v)(v+*)(gf*)      (1 skewer of each)

 Avocado, Yellow Squash, Shishito

2 skewers per order

kids menu

For kids 10 and under, dine in only

 Drink Choice:

Cola, diet cola, lemmon up, ginger beer, ginger ale,

loganberry, cranberry juice

Add $1 for strawberry Ramune

Main Dish:

Kara-age - Fried chicken

Tsukune - Meatball skewer

Spring Rolls

Gyu-don - Rice bowl with thin sliced beef

Side Dish:

White rice, fresh fruit, potato salad, or miso soup

mini rice bowl (dinner only)

Gyu-don Bowl

Thin-sliced beef in sweet-soy flavor, onion, green onions, and pickled ginger

Tan-tan bowl

Ground pork seasoned with spicy miso, egg, and green onions

Japanese Curry bowl (v)

Potato, onion, carrots, crispy tofu

Salmon Poke

Citrus cured salmon sashimi, cucumber, avocado, onion, and ikura


Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream (v)(gf*)

Green Tea or Vanilla Bean

Molten Chcolate Cake (v)

Served warm

Matcha & Sake Tiramisu

Our take on tiramisu with green tea matcha and sake

Yuzu Cheese Cake


Japanese Sake

We feature a great line of sake brands from the company Ippongi. This company comes from Chef Satomi's hometown of Fukui prefecture in Japan. The owners Josh and Satomi have visited the brewery and established a great relationship with them, even visiting the company's caves deep in the mountains where they age some of their sake.   

Denshin is a popular line of award-winning sake which features a variety of premium grades of sake. 

Denshin Yuki (Snow)

Yuki is a delicious smooth junmai ginjo that is great on its own or with lighter chicken and fish dishes. This is one of our particular favorites! "Yuki" is meant to allude to a winter's first light snowfall, clean and crisp. 


Ippongi Dry (Karasawa-kei)

This is Ippongi’s award winning clear and dry Junmai Ginjo. It is made with 100% Fukui sake rice that has a very clean finish to cleanse and refresh the palate.

glass / bottle  

Hannya (Demonizing Woman)

Hannya is a spicy plum sake that is quite unique and addicting. Similar to a liquer, it should be sipped slowly to enjoy the sweet, savory, and spicy elements to it. 

glass  / bottle 

Ginkobai Plum Sake w/ Gold Flakes

Ginkobai is some of the best plum sake (umeshu) out there! The sweetness of the plums are balanced by a nice acidic backbone that helps round out the flavors. When we visited the brewery we saw them stirring the brew with fresh local plums from Fukui. 

glass / bottle  


Although we do have a small selection of wine, we have chosen only delicious wine from small family farms that pair well with our dishes.

glass  / bottle 


Bohigas - Brut Reserva - Cava - ‘NV’

Publication: Wine advocate

Rating: 90

My favorite of the two sparkling Cavas is the non-vintage Brut Reserva Cava. Made from a classic blend (for this area) of Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada planted in limestone and clay soils, the wine spends 24 months on its lees before disgorgement. It is an excellent value for consumers looking for alternatives to French Champagne. Lemon/lime, crushed rock and white currant notes are present in this crisp, elegant, refreshing, zesty, dry sparkler. Hints of wheat thins and brioche add complexity. Enjoy this medium-bodied offering over the next 1-2 years. A family-owned winery whose origins date back to the 13th century, Fermi Bohigas owns over 240 acres of organically farmed vineyards in Catalunya. Doug Polaner is his name, and high quality wines in all price ranges is his game. I have been tasting with Polaner over a number of years, and these notes represent his very finest value selections.


Temperamento - Bobal - 2014




Temperamento is made from the Bobal grape grown in Utiel-Requena. The D.O. of Utiel-Requena is located in Valencia in south eastern Spain. This area has a very warm Mediterranean climate, but the vineyards here are moderated by being at very high altitudes.

Bobal is the indigenous grape variety to this area and can be a very challenging variety to grow. Its vigor must be curbed in order to produce quality wines. Bodegas Sierra Norte which makes Temperamento, has very old vines of Bobal (many exceeding 60 years of age) that it farms organically near the town of Camporrobles.




”Quatre Cepages” - Sauvignon Blanc Blend - 2016 ​

This  Bergerac and Southwest French wine comes from an oak-free zone and the blend of four grapes (Colombard, Ugni-Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Gros-Manseng). This makes for a vivacious and refreshing, dry white wine that is very easy-drinking. 



Boundary Breaks

Ovid Line North - Riesling - 2016 ​

Juicy peach flavors with a good acidic balance are the characteristics of this great Riesling from the nearby Finger Lakes.  


Michel Guignier - Beaujolais - Gamay - 2016

Rating: 90+

The 2016 Beaujolais from Michel Guignier is a beautifully vibrant and classic example of its appellation, jumping from the glass in a superb blend of cherries, sweet cranberries, fresh herb tones, a fine base of soil and a gently smoky topnote. On the palate the wine is bright, crunchy and fullish, with a good core, lovely transparency, tangy acids and impressive length and grip on the complex finish. This is lovely juice that will be even better with a year or two in the cellar. 2017-2027.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Tea  French Pressed Hot Tea or Iced Tea

Green, English Breakfast, Raspberry Rose Petal (decaf) ​


Coffee  French press

"Hauso-Roasto" collaboration house blend with eastern regional

ingredients roasted by @publicespresso.

Soft Drinks 

Johnnie Ryan (Local Sugar Cane Soda):
Cola, Diet Cola, Lemmon Up, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Loganberry, Ramune (strawberry)​


Let our bartenders create a delicious well-balanced, thirst-quenching drink made with interesting fresh ingredients, all the while avoiding the alcohol. Ask your server or bartender for details.