Sato Brewpub - The Brewery



We like to think of our little brewery as a "ship in a bottle." Squeezed into the underground basement of the Dun Building, Buffalo's first skyscraper, we have set up a 1.5 barrel Stout manufactured all electric HERMS brewhouse. We have 3, 3barrel uni-tanks and a 4.25 barrel jacketed aseptic tank. The aseptic tank will be versatile in brewing many styles of unique beers. From lagers to fruit beers.Our brew staff will be working closely with the kitchen to produce a truly delicious and complimenty element to our food menu. Along with our brewer's dinners we will be crafting an uncanny experience in the realm of beer and food.

When our brewery first started we didn't even have a roof! Our ceiling is under the sidewalk on W. Swan St. and for insulation purposes they needed to take up the cement and put down a new sidewalk. We managed to fit all of the equipment and tanks in afterwards in the back door, only having to take the door off the hinges for the kegerator.

Come see why the smallest breweries pack the biggest punches!

The Brewers

Head Brewer - Justin LaMonto

Justin's journey into the world of craft beer started at age 21. Originally he was going to school for psychology with a focus in neuropsychology; however his mind changed once he started trying different beer styles. Having a love for science and beer, the idea of being a commercial brewer seemed ideal. Justin began to involve himself with the beer scene where he met Andrew Hardin. Andrew took Justin under his wing and provided Justin with all the knowledge to succeed in the craft beer industry. He has now moved his way up to Head Brewer at Sato Brewpub and is enjoying his time working with new Japanese ingredients and creating delicious Japanese-inspired beers. 

Brewer - Josh Supry

After growing up in a small town in New Hampshire, Josh moved to Rochester
to study at RIT.  Josh currently manages a small IT support company as his
full time job.  Josh spends his time working on cars and riding his
motorcycle.  To unwind, Josh works with his vegetable and hop gardens, and
goes camping when he can.  When he got engaged to his wife in 2005, he
moved to Buffalo, where he met Jon.  Josh started homebrewing in 2010, then
Jon joined two years later.  Since then they have been brewing almost every
weekend and have received Gold, silver, and bronze medals for their beers.

  •  March 2015 AWOG Silver for Witbier

  •  December 2015 Sultans Gold Belgian stout

  •  December 2016 Sultans Bronze Coffee milk stout