Photography & Videography by the Sato Restaurant Group 

Visuals speak louder than words. We are trying to tell stories of our experiences through both photo and video. Join us on our cultural journey through these different mediums.

SATO Press


Soba at Sato
Buffalo Spree article on local restaurants that make their own noodles from scratch.
Best Ramen in the City🍜
Sato Ramen and SATO have been awarded "Best Ramen in the City" 2017 by the Buffalo Spree and those that voted for us. Thank you Buffalo!
Buffalo News Review
Buffalo News Review. (3/2014). Unfortunately we were all sold out of ramen after Valentine's day.
The Buffalo Magazine
"Buffalist: A quick guide to what's trending in WNY" - Sato Ramen feature (5/1/16)
Video: Nickel City Chef Competition
Watch the video of Chef Satomi battling Chef Edward from Buffalo Proper in the Finale of one of the closest-ever Nickel City Chefs 2015 competition.
Buffalo Eats SATO Review
Donny Kutzbach reviews SATO for BuffaloEats (2/2014)
Buffalo Soup Fest Award 2016
Buffalo Soup Fest 2016 Awarded:
Foodie Award (Judges Favorite)- Sato Ramen. 1/31/16
Anatomy of a Dish
StepOutBuffalo has a great article "Anatomy of a Dish: Cold Noodle Bowl" (6/2014)
Hot Yuzu Bath
Cocktail Review: SATO7s Hot Yuzu Bath, Buffalo News (3/2015)
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Sato Brewpub Press
Restaurant review for Sato Brewpub
Buffalo News restaurant review
Congratulations to Chef Nieves
After winning in NYC, Head chef at Sato Brewpub is heading to Kyoto, Japan this spring to represent North America in the finals of the 2018 Japanese Culinary Art Competition.
Taste the World - Buffalo Spree
Taste the World article in the current Buffalo Spree Thank you for recognizing all of the hard work
Check out _buffalospree for a feature on _satobrewpub #smallplates #japanesetapas #izakaya #japanese
Buffalo Jidori - Erba Verde Farms
Read about Sato Brewpub and Erba Verde Farms connection
A little print love from _thebuffalonews this morning _satobrewpub Go grab a copy! #japanesebrewpub
Nittany Epicurean Progress Report
Sato Brewpub Progress Report (pt.2 of the Building a Restaurant Series)
Channel 4 TV Interview
Owners Satomi and Josh Smith talk with Channel 4 about their part in Buffalo's growth
Beer Sneak-Peak
Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association initial sneak-preview write-up
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Sato Ramen Press
Buffalo News Review
Buffalo News Full Review- "Use Your Noodle at Sato Ramen" (1/6/16)
Our Family Ramen-ya in Tokyo
Check out a video of Chef Satomi's cousin's ramen restaurant Ichi-Ryu in Shimo-kitazawa, Tokyo. It is in Japanese, but true to phenomenal Japanese TV quality it is mostly a video of someone eating. He ordered the "Wantan Men", their traditional pork and chicken blended soup with wonton and chashu. Congrats to Ichi-Ryu for still being popular in Tokyo 30 years into it!
Food and Wine feature for Sato Ramen
Food and Wine featured some of the top places to visit in Buffalo, Sato Ramen was one of them.
Step Out Buffalo
"Now Open: Sato Ramen Keeps Japanese Food Blue Collar." (9//15)
Step Out Buffalo
Visit Buffalo Niagara
The 5 Best New Restaurants of 2015 (12/23/15)
WGRZ Channel 2
Story and video feature on Channel 2 News.
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  • Awarded "Best Soup of WNY" 2015 (Buffalo Spree)

  • Awarded "Best New Restaurant of WNY" 2014 (Buffalo Spree)

  • Buffalo Soup Fest 2016 Awarded:   Foodie Award (Judges Favorite) - Sato Ramen

  • Buffalo Soup Fest 2015 - Two Awards Won:

Festival Favorite

Best Stew

Best in the City

Best Stew

Best Ethnic