"Buffalo Jidori" - Organic Free Range Heritage Yardbirds of Buffalo

Ji-dori means "chicken of the earth" and alludes to natural, locally sourced and organic when possible, free-range chickens with robust flavor in Japan. We use this type of fresh chicken at Sato Brewpub, especially noticeable in our yakitori. Naturally raised healthy chickens provide a real chicken taste that is true to the Japanese Yakitori culture.

At Sato Brewpub we focus on the beauty of chicken bone broth, known as Tori Paitan, sometimes referred to as a Kyoto-Style Ramen. A variety of flavors from a thick, rich and creamy pure chicken bone broth with chicken koji-chashu to clear and complexly layered chicken broths.

Erba Verde Farms

"Looking for grass-fed, pasture raised, organic meat in Buffalo, NY? Erba Verde is a small family farm located in East Aurora, NY that raises pastured and organic free-range chicken, pastured pork, grass-fed beef and veal, and milk from grass-fed cows. Our farm is dedicated to producing food that is superior in nutrition and taste with the greatest amount of positive environmental impact possible. We hope you’ll stop by!

We believe that all great food starts with healthy, happy animals that spend most of their lives on grass grown in healthy soils – the name Erba Verde actually means “green grass” in Italian. We raise great grass, and the animals do all the rest! Our animals are raised humanely with access to fresh air, clean water, and room to roam. They are fed certified organic grain as a supplement to their diet when needed. Overall, grass-fed animals are better for our health, our planet, and the animals themselves."

Visit them at:

1320 Porterville Road East Aurora, NY 14052

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